Y-GLOCAL Seminar 2019 – Quick impressions of three attendants

//Y-GLOCAL Seminar 2019 – Quick impressions of three attendants

Y-GLOCAL Seminar 2019 – Quick impressions of three attendants

The YMCA’s International Training Seminar, Y-GLOCAL seminar 2019, that began on 22th january, brought together young people from three YMCA countries – Cameroon, Denmark and South Africa – to let them get benefit from the tools they need to become resource persons in the transmission of knowledge within the YMCA and elsewhere.

This mixing of cultures was also a moment of exchange and mutual understanding between trainees, a moment of sharing of knowledge and experiences between all the members, al which has been highly inspiring, especially due to the fact that the common point was the share of the fundamental vision of the YMCA. Some participants were kind enough to share with us their first impressions.

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This seminar allowed us to also meet the 3 countries of Y-GLOCAL and share knowledge across our countries and our YMCAs. I definitely think that we’ve reached the goal, we attended lots of interesting trainings and seminars here and we have taught each other lots of interesting things. We are different in terms of culture and we have lots of things in common that we can keep learning from each other.

Tina, member of Y-GLOCAL group in Denmark.

This seminar has been really really interesting, we’ve learnt at lot more than I expected, and also different things, we have learnt a lots of how people from other parts of the world do things, how they work together and present things, and I’ve made lots of new friends here. I also met so many interesting people, so I think it’s been really so great in terms of learning and increasing experience.

MOLGAARD Sara from Denmark Y-GLOCAL Delegation

I find our friends from Denmark and South Africa so open, ready to collaborate, to share with us about our YMCA movement across our three countries. This is particular due to the fact that this exchange allows us to introspect and to be able to know and understand on which path we are committed, to prepare ourselves for possible difficulties, to be stronger and equipped for the future, to the outcome of this training.

Cerlian YIMELONG, Youth delegate at the National Office of Cameroun YMCA

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