Since the beginning of covid-19 pandemic at the early 2020, several actions have been carried out around the world by the YMCAs, through programs and activities of resilience in order to face all the various crises caused by it, including professional, humanitarian and social crises. Cameroon-YMCA on its part had successfully deployed the C-YMCA COVID-ACTION program, which had been a great success amongst local populations across the country.

Today, as the world is experiencing a resurgence of the pandemic in a new form of mutation after the discovery of new viral strains, the urgency of the situation remains as relevant as ever. In response to this, YMCAs have and continue to play a major role in this fight alongside populations around the world.

With this in mind, the Y-GLOCAL COVID-19 CAMPAIGNS project was launched today by the Y-GLOCAL triangular partnership program.

The purpose of the project is to encourage the youth of Cameroon-YMCA, through their local unions and branches, to develop projects with the objective of concrete actions towards the populations in order to help them to reinforce their capacities of resilience against this pandemic which persists.

The document for public invitation is downloadable at the link below:

As a reminder, the Y-GLOCAL program is the result of a triangular partnership that brings together YMCAs from three countries namely Cameroon, South Africa and Denmark. This program aims to pool efforts of the three countries in order to lead reflections on social issues within local populations, with the aim of providing appropriate solutions.