From June 27 to 30, 2019 will be held in Yaoundé in the locality of Mendong, at IPONI College, the Second Edition of the Leaders’ Conference of Cameroon-YMCA. This is an unprecedented opportunity for all leaders and managers, at all levels of the movement (Local Unions, Branches, Regional Unions and National), to meet together in one place, in order to benefit from the training at strategic level and share their views to help build the future of Cameroon-YMCA.

We remember the first edition of this conference that took place in Nkongsamba at the end of July 2018, before the beginning of the National Camp. The theme that had been chosen was “Point of no return, come and see“. The success of that first edition which had resounded beyond Cameroon, had led the organizers to raise the standards in terms of organization of the second edition whose preparations have been in progress since last year.

The theme of this conference, “Youth powered for the Renaissance“, has also been chosen within a framework of a movement that aims to renew its governing bodies at all levels of responsibility through elections which will begin in September. A further reason for its importance is the presence of national and international trainers, including the leaders of the YMCA of Germany with whom the sharing of experiences will be part of the highlights of the program.

No leader or even potential leader of Cameroon-YMCA can really be accomplished if he does not receive a solid training within the framework of his responsibilities. To date, for reasons that we do not know, our statistics show some regions and branches where no leader or manager is registered at the moment. This is a worrying situation from the point of view of the future of Cameroon-YMCA. We therefore encourage each other to make themselves more available but also to have project ideas so that, at the end of this conference, business plans will be defined, said Mr TAGNE TIEGAM Rigobert, Vice-President of the Standing Committee for the Organization of National and International Camps and Seminars in Cameroon-YMCA, while evoking its point of view concerning the relatively low rate of registration at this conference.

This conference, which has been announced since last year, is therefore of crucial importance for the future of Cameroon-YMCA in view of the upcoming challenges because, as the organizers have said, from there will come out leaders and managers of Cameroon-YMCA of tomorrow.

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