Today we celebrate around the world the 165th anniversary of the signature of the “Base de Paris”, the document presenting the historic agreement that became the foundation for YMCAs around the world.

In Cameroon this anniversary is being celebrated like everywhere else in an environment of health crisis that the world has been experiencing since the beginning of the year, namely the corona virus pandemic. One of the memories of the Cameroonian youth unionists for this year, will probably be their motivation and capacity to mobilize to limit the spread of the pandemic in their environment, their locality.

After the announcement of the resumption of activities within its structures since the beginning of July, under the condition that barrier measures are respected, Cameroon-YMCA is in full preparation for its first major activity of the year, namely the Y-Peace and Living Together Camp organized with the support of the United States Embassy in Cameroon and which will be held from 26 to 28 August in Yaounde.

This opportunity will also be given to leaders and members to cut the traditional cake in the presence of youth and members sympathizers and participants, who are members of youth organizations that operate in Cameroon. It will certainly be an opportunity for the National President to look back on this great event which seems not to have had the expected impact.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs Carlos Sanvee has published on his Facebook page a message of reminder and celebration of this memorable day.

Today we mark our 165th Anniversary. On 22 August 1855, representatives from the nine Young Men’s Christians Associations of the time signed the “Paris Basis”, the document which remains the guiding light of the global YMCA Movement to this day.

This is a great day today. A day to remember that we were created to connect our members with our shared ideals of Peace and Justice for all. A day to celebrate all our achievements. A day to be encouraged to face challenges with the same spirit of courage and love.

Happy Anniversary to all World YMCA family!