It was a long way to start this club, but now it goes… Let me start at the beginning.

When I come to Cameroon it was one of my exercises to found a Club with children. In Germany we have a big work with children, and I’m a volunteer in the Kids-club in my Local Union, since over 6 years.

With this experience, I start to work on a program, goals and other information we need for a club. But without Volunteers, it’s difficult to start the work. So I translate a German Document about training for volunteers and prepare this, change it and ad it. In the end I had a Document with 17 pages, with the most important information about volunteering.

The next step was to present our new club, I made a presentation about the Kids-club in the General Assemble of a Region. Then we planned a training for the Volunteers, but it was not possible to done it, because on this day, no volunteer are came. So we decide after Christmas to launch the program with the volunteers we have. When we are complete we were four Volunteers.

In the first hour 8 children are coming and they had a lot of fun with simple Games, where I know from my Kids – Club in Germany, combined with songs, prayer and a bible-study, was it a good start. In the following weeks are coming the most time around 8 or 9 children. We have, despite the small place in the Office and Games with simple materials a lot of fun.

In the next time it will be good, when we have more volunteers and more children. But the Club is new and in the growing phase. I hope that the club are continue and grows, when I’m back in Germany in the Kidsclub in my local Union.


Samuel Zettler, 20.02.2020