Africa We Want

Africa We Want is an umbrella initiative for all African YMCA work. It seeks to integrate S2C programs, philosophy and methodology into a groundswell push for the African Renaissance.

  • Celebrations: As a part of the Africa We Want umbrella initiative certain days are celebrated, such as Journée de L’Enfant africain (the Day for the African Child).

International Exchanges

The program consists of cultural exchanges of experiences and values with international partners. This includes exchange of interns, students, volunteers as well as organizing and participating in different national trainings.

  • Receiving interns and volunteers from YMCA-YWCA Denmark: C-YMCA and YMCA-YWCA Denmark are partners, and part of this partnership includes YMCA-YWCA Denmark sending volunteers and interns to C-YMCA. This helps strengthen the partnership and increase understanding between the two organizations.
  • Y-Glocal: The collaboration between YMCA Cameroon, YMCA South Africa and YMCA-YWCA Denmark is called Y-Glocal, and the three organisations work to find local solutions for global problems. The project is based on the UN Sustainable development goals and seeks to educate young people in all three countries to take responsibility for their community and thereby find the solutions for the problems. This is done through seminars, where members from all three organisations participate.
  • Young Advocates for Change: This is a program between the YMCA’s in different African countries. The objective is to promote YMCA activities and the YMCA Christian identity. Young Africans travel to another African country through the YMCA African Alliance and stay for a certain period with another organisation. The young people are empowered through the cultural exchange and through the experience as a whole.