Life in abundance

This program seeks to improve the living conditions of social vulnerable groups in the society, such as prisoners and refugees. Trough trainings and activities our aim is to fulfill basic human needs and provide the groups with a feeling of hope and dignity, as all lives matter to us.

  • Paajedec: The main objective of the project is to improve living conditions of young detainees. This is done through a volunteer-based work in two prisons around Yaoundé. The work in the prison has two sides. The first is vocational training and other income generating activities arranged by volunteers. This can help the detainees once they are released. The second part of the project consists of legal advice conducted by paralegal volunteers. They teach the detainees about their rights and follow their cases until the trial. All of this work is done through the YMCA clubs that were already created in the prisons.
  • Paijerec: The aim of the project is to support the integration of young refugees in Cameroon. This is done through empowering the refugees and encouraging the local Cameroonians to accept the refugees. The project is done through power spaces in Bertoua where the young people engage in different activities that aim to empower them. These activities include discussions about ‘leadership’ and ‘citizenship’, learning serigraphy and volunteer work.

From subject to citizen (S2C)

The philosophy of S2C looks to increase the civic involvement of the youth by developing their voice, access to space and ability to influence for positive change. In Cameroon, we are training catalysts to educate and spread the word about the importance of youths’ engagement in local communities to the members in their local unions.

  • Youth stand for fair and transparent elections in Cameroon: The aim of this project was to involve young people in the election and to raise awareness about the issues connected to the election. The project involved the young people in both the voting and the monitoring process, and seeks to create Youth Citizenship Clubs where the young people can become involved in local governance. This project is finished and no longer active.
  • Power spaces: This initiative strives to create a space where young people can meet and participate in different activities that help empower them. These activities include English classes, classes on different vocational works, classes on management and leadership, etc. The power space initiative is mainly being used around Yaoundé, but can be implemented all around Cameroon.
  • YMCA clubs in schools, prisons, etc.: The YMCA clubs are where young people meet and work with S2C subjects such as transformative masculinity, AND OTHERS! The clubs trains the young people through sessions meant to empower them.
    • Green Ambassadors: One of the subjects of the YMCA clubs focuses on the environment. The Green Ambassadors project involved themes as how to plant trees, preserving the environment, etc. During the project young people were trained to become Green Ambassadors and spread the word in their school, amongst their family and so on.

National Training

  • National trainings camps: Every second year, C-YMCA holds a camp for young people in Cameroon where they get together and discuss relevant issues such as Christian values, personal development and education. There are around 500 participants at the camp and it lasts from seven to ten days.
  • Training of leaders: YMCA also has training of leaders which consists of sessions for leaders, where they learn about leadership, how to be a good leader, the spiritual aspect of being a leader and much more.

International projects

Africa We Want

Africa We Want is an umbrella initiative for all African YMCA work. It seeks to integrate S2C programs, philosophy and methodology into a groundswell push for the African Renaissance.

  • Celebrations: As a part of the Africa We Want umbrella initiative certain days are celebrated, such as Journée de L’Enfant africain (the Day for the African Child).