The lights that are being turning out on this day of June 8th 2019 at the YMCA in Johannesburg, South Africa, indicate the end of the General Assembly of the African Alliance of YMCAs that began 4 days ago, the 04th of June, 2019. One of the major events that Cameroon-YMCA is proud of, is the election of its Treasurer General, Mr. Du Prince Tchakote Noumbissi, at the position of Honorary Treasurer of the African Alliance of YMCAs for the next four years 2019-23.

Du Prince Tchakote was elected as the treasurer of the AAYMCA by 42 voices among 44 voters, representing 18 African members of the AAYMCA and AAYMCA’s delegates to the World Alliance who were authorized to vote.


Du Prince joined the YMCA in 1991 at Rue-Manguier Local Union in Yaounde-Cameroon. Shortly after, he became volunteer secretary in his Local Union and thereafter, he joined the financial committee of his Local Union in 1997 when he was graduated from the Regional School of Statistics and Applied Economics ISSEA in Yaoundé.

In 2003, he was appointed as Financial Auditor to the Regional Union of Centre, South and East of the Cameroon YMCA. In 2010 he got the position of Financial Accountant during the election that happened in Yaounde Biyem-Assi, when Dr Alain Douglas WANDJI was elected president of the Cameroon YMCA and Francis WOUKEP, National Treasurer. Months after the admission of the Cameroun-YMCA to te Africa Alliance of YMCAs in June 2015 in Dakar, Du Prince was elected as National Treasurer of the Cameroun-YMCA during the November 2015 General Assembly that held in Bertoua under the chairmanship of Carlos Sanvee Majiri, the Secretary General of the AAYMCA, which position he held till now.

The major part of his work with the Cameroon-YMCA consists in taking care of financial situation of the YMCA, making sure that the procedures are respected at every step of projects and activities, initiating budgets, preparing financial reports for General Assembly meetings and Executive committee.

“I can say it’s an achievement of hard work in this Finance management position, precisely. Working daily in an International Organization has always allowed me to face and overcome various economic and financial issues and this is really helpful for me in my position of treasurer” he said.

His few words to the youth of C-YMCA

To all the youth members of the Cameroon-YMCA and beyond, I encourage them to work hard, to believe, to trust in the future, to trust in themselves, not to believe that things will come from nothing. If we work as volunteers and with the volunteers in the YMCA, if we spend some of our time serving people particularly the Youth, God will be grateful and will reward us, including with better position in our life and the society. In the bible, book of Luke verse 16:10, the word of God says: « Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much”.

I thank everyone, I thank the National bureau and the National Executive committee of the Cameroun-YMCA for the confidence they have always placed in me. I am keen and grateful to working with the newly-elected AAYMCA’s President Adrien COLY from Senegal, Vice-President Queen DOVU from South-Africa, other Executive Committee Members, as well as the General Secretary of the AAYMCA Nirina from Madagascar. Of course, I seek support and prayers from my YMCA fellows in Cameroon and abroad including volunteers, associates and staff to help bringing a valuable contribution towards financial sustainability of the AAYMCA as well as YMCA National Movements across Africa.