The C-YMCA organised on 29 July 2020, at the headquarters of the National Episcopal Conference in Mvolye, a training workshop for young members and leaders of associations on responsible citizenship and non-violent conflict resolution, as part of the project called: “Support Project for Youth Participation in Legislative and Municipal Elections and the Consolidation of Peace in Cameroon”.

As a reminder, this seminar was preceded by the setting up of a “Platform of Reflection on Building Peace and Living Together in Cameroon” (PPAVEC in French) on 30 June 2020. The overall objective of this platform is the construction of sustainable peace. The main topics discussed during this seminar covered the light on democracy, patriotism and living together, responsible citizenship, non-violent conflict resolution, culture of peace and peaceful coexistence. It brought together some 50 participants who are members of the said platform. The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) was represented by two (02) senior officials of the Directorate of Civic Education and National Integration.

At the end of the day, the President of the National Council of Cameroon-YMCA noted that “members and young leaders of associations and political parties must be true citizens who live their citizenship and who share the values of democracy, patriotism and living together on a daily basis”. According to the latter, “the major impact is the assimilation of basic notions of non-violent conflict resolution by young people, information and awareness-raising among young people on the importance and issues related to peace, social stability and inclusive dialogue as a means of pacifying relations between actors”. Expressing their satisfaction, the participants thanked the organizers and recommended the multiplication of such activities to enlighten youth.

Decidedly, the YMCA is making its way in the field of peace building and living together in Cameroon. In addition to the citizens’ campaign inviting young people to register massively on the electoral lists, the Cameroon-YMCA plans to hold a Peace Camp towards the end of August 2020, with the support of the US Embassy in Cameroon.