The PAAJEDEC program aims to support young inmates in 4 Cameroonian prisons: Monatele, Mfou, Ngoumou and Bangangte. This program also contributes to the improvement of the socio-economic living conditions of the young inmates by providing them with adequate legal assistance and vocational training to facilitate their reintegration into society. But also by recreating contacts with their families and by providing them with psychological assistance.

Thus, through this project, young detainees acquire useful and necessary skills for their current situation as well as for their life after their release. All this is done with the aim of creating hope, leading to independence and restoring dignity to the young detainees.

Partner of the PAAJEDEC project

Long-term project development purpose

This project aims to improve the socio-economic living conditions and legal assistance of young detainees in the prisons of Mfou, Monatele, Ngoumou and Bagangte and to empower them by restoring their dignity and equipping them with the skills necessary to regain a worthy life.

Specific goals

  1. Identify lawyers and train legal advisors who will provide legal assistance to youth in Ngoumou, Bagangté, Monatélé and Mfou prisons.
  2. Train volunteers to provide educational and vocational training to youth in Ngoumou, Bagangté, Monatélé and Mfou prisons.
  3. Encourage general awareness of the problems related to the slowness of the judicial system’s procedures and detention practices in prisons, with an emphasis on the rights of women.
  4. Facilitate the re-establishment of contact between prisoners and their families.
  5. Provide psychological support to prisoners.