It was in a lively and enthusiastic tone, during the closing ceremony of the 2nd National Leaders Conference of Cameroon-YMCA, that the President of the National Executive Board, Dr. Alain Douglas WANDJI expressed his great satisfaction and thanked the Standing Committee for the Organization of National and International Camps and Seminars, for the successful organization of this conference.

The three-day period ending this Sunday, June 30, 2019, was filled with exchange programs and lessons on several topics as interesting as the others. More than a hundred young people from all over Cameroon responded valiantly to this event. In addition, the presence of guests from the YMCA of the Bavarian Region of Germany, Christa Otille HUBER and Tobias KNÖRICH, has created some memorable and unforgettable moments in terms of exchanges between the YMCAs of both countries.

After recalling the profound meaning of the theme of this Conference, titled “Leaders powered for the Renaissance“, Dr. Alain Douglas WANDJI congratulated each leader for his presence and assiduousness, which are of paramount importance for the proper understanding of his missions within the YMCA and the acquisition of the necessary tools to carry them out. He also invited each leader to be more willing to put his skills to the service of the missions for which the Lord calls him, both in his own life and in the life of the YMCA. The President of the National Executive Board also referred to the particular aspect of the of Cameroon YMCA, which is based on the word of God, the secret of its quest for success. This implies great responsibilities for leaders and managers with the right skills to better manage and impact society for a positive and permanent transformation.

I therefore believe that we are ready and aware of the importance of our responsibilities in the work that awaits us, especially with the next quadrennial general conference preceded by the upcoming elections. The certificate you will receive today, you know, will only really be worthwhile if you show responsibility and leadership in your daily life and as part of your daily responsibilities, said the President of the National Executive Board of Cameroon-YMCA in his closing speech while informing the attendants of the appointment for the third edition, next year.

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