The tragic death of black American George Floyd on May 25, 2020 is one too many painful incidents that once again reopens a historic wound that the whole world has felt concerned about.

The unanimous reaction, from all races, from all social levels, was resounding. Everyone stood up to express the pain that comes with feeling invisible, ignored, muzzled and underestimated, the pain caused by hatred of the other, the pain that many people in the world feel deep within their beings, often without justice being done.

The YMCA has not remained insensitive. Several YMCAs around the world have expressed their indignation, including Cameroon-YMCA, through the voice of its National President, Dr. Alain Douglas Wandji

The tragic death of George Floyd shocked the world, especially the YMCA, because of our values of love, peace, tolerance and living together. Cameroon-YMCA strongly condemns this barbaric violence, which is not the first. We support all initiatives to put an end to injustice and also for a transparent trial of the perpetrators.