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Public invitation for the Y-GLOCAL COVID CAMPAIGNS project

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Since the beginning of covid-19 pandemic at the early 2020, several actions have been carried out around the world by the YMCAs, through programs and activities of resilience in order to face all the various crises caused by it, including professional, humanitarian and social crises. Cameroon-YMCA on its part had successfully deployed the C-YMCA COVID-ACTION program, which had been a great success amongst [...]

Appel à manifestation pour le projet Y-GLOCAL COVID CAMPAINGS

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Depuis l'apparition du covid-19 au début de l'année 2020, plusieurs actions ont été menées dans le monde par les YMCA, à travers des programmes et activités de résilience dans le but de faire face aux différentes crises causées par cette pandémie parmi lesquelles les crises professionnelles, humanitaire et sociale. Le Cameroun-YMCA pour sa part avait réussi à déployer avec succès le programme C-YMCA [...]

Yaounde houses the first Y-GLOCAL International seminar 2019

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Since the 20th of January 2019, the YMCA Cameroon is hosting an important event for the young YMCA members. That seminar also known as Y-GLOCAL seminar, takes place at the Le Quai D’Orsay hotel, Simbock - Yaoundé. The program has been created by 3 YMCA countries: Cameroon, South Africa and YMCA/YWCA Denmark. One of the objectives of this triangular partnership is to train young [...]