On March 17, the Cameroonian Government announced the decision of partial confinement and barrier measures to be respected in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon, following the galloping evolution of the pandemic worldwide and on the national territory. For its part, the C-YMCA National Office had issued a communiqué aimed at suspending the activities of all structures throughout the country and sensitizing its members to take these measures into account.

When observing the trend linked to the evolution of the pandemic on the national territory, it should be noted that several measures are still in place today. At the same time, those relating to the resumption of courses in some schools and universities in the country and the reopening to the public of some shops, offices and places of affluence, is effective. These are subject to compliance with safety measures such as hand washing, usage of hydro-alcoholic gels, wearing of masks and limiting the number of people in rooms open to the public.

Based on this observation and considering the wish and request made by the members and leaders of the different structures of the C-YMCA, the National Board issued, on 23 July 2020, an information circular authorizing and organizing the resumption of certain activities, subject to the respect of barrier measures as well.

The communiqué relating to the resumption of activities within the structures of the C-YMCA is available on our website via the download link below.

CMR-YMCA – reprise progressive des activités COVID