Public invitation for the Y-GLOCAL COVID CAMPAIGNS project

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Since the beginning of covid-19 pandemic at the early 2020, several actions have been carried out around the world by the YMCAs, through programs and activities of resilience in order to face all the various crises caused by it, including professional, humanitarian and social crises. Cameroon-YMCA on its part had successfully deployed the C-YMCA COVID-ACTION program, which had been a great success amongst [...]

YMCA and Covid: the journey travelled, the way ahead – ‘Reimagination’ and ‘Reset’

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A message from Carlos Sanvee, World YMCA Secretary-General Dear leaders, dear friends, At the beginning of this Covid crisis, the World YMCA adopted a response strategy built on the three pillars of ‘Resilience’, ‘Recovery’ and ‘Reimagination’. Six months later, and while the world is still battling with the health and financial challenges caused by Covid, I would like to pause and look in [...]

Cameroon-YMCA authorizes the resumption of activities within its stuctures

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On March 17, the Cameroonian Government announced the decision of partial confinement and barrier measures to be respected in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon, following the galloping evolution of the pandemic worldwide and on the national territory. For its part, the C-YMCA National Office had issued a communiqué aimed at suspending the activities of all structures throughout [...]

COVID-19 emergency measures – The Cameroon-YMCA is mobilizing its resources

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On March 17, 2020, Cameroonians were listening to their radio and television, with a feeling of surprise tinged with both relief and apprehension, the speech of their Prime Minister concerning the measures taken by the government to address the problems related to the spread of the recently reported COVID-19 pandemic at the gates of Africa.The level of contamination which was mainly announced in [...]

Together against the Covid-19

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The world has been hit for several months by a pandemic called the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Today March 19, 2020, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded the 215,000 mark is 218,823 with more than 8,810 deaths. You can follow the progress of the virus in real time on the website of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, John Hopkings University :  [...]

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