The world has been hit for several months by a pandemic called the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Today March 19, 2020, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded the 215,000 mark is 218,823 with more than 8,810 deaths. You can follow the progress of the virus in real time on the website of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, John Hopkings University : 

In Cameroon where the authorities have announced 14 cases of infected people, it is therefore important for us, in Cameroon-YMCA to engage in this battle which will strike a heavy blow to our country.

On Tuesday March 17, 2020, the government has prescribed through the Prime Minister, a series of measures to stem the spread of this virus in our country. This was followed by subsequent texts published by his cabinet and by some ministerial departments (MINAT, MINJUSTICE, etc.).

Cameroon-YMCA offers you the ability to access and follow these measures by clicking on the links below:

Minister of Public Health:

Prime Minister’s Office: 

In addition, the YMCA around the world is also mobilizing to make its contribution to stop this pandemic.

Recommendations of the World Alliance of YMCAs:

Recommendation of the National Office of Cameroon-YMCA: CMR-YMCA – Coronavirus press release